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Husnija Mesaljic (* January 22 1971 in Srebrenik, Yugoslavia, now Bosnia-Hercegovina) is a Bosnian turbofolk singer. He lives in Graz (Austria) and has three children. In the year 2002 he became well-known by releasing his album "Noćna Dama". Until now, there are eight album releases:

  • 2001: Ciganka mala
  • 2002: Noćna Dama
  • 2003: Tigrica
  • 2004: Žena
  • 2006: Zlatar
  • 2008: Pobjednici istoriju pišu
  • 2010: Za sve je Praznik kriv
  • 2012: Žena s Tetovaže

Husnija Mesaljic, also called "Hule", often plays live on stage. The audience mostly consists of people from Bosnian descent.

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