Hvarf/Heim is a compilation album by Sigur Rós. Its original CD release comprises two discs: Hvarf contains studio versions of previously unreleased songs (with the exception of "Hafsól", which was released as the b-side of "Hoppípolla" in 2005), while Heim contains live acoustic versions of songs already released. The songs on Heim are the same recordings found in Heima. In 2008 EMI released a single-disc version in which Heim is simply tracklisted to followHvarf. In 2012, the albums were issued on vinyl for the first time to be sold on Record Store Day.


 [hide*1 Background


The cover images are pinhole polaroid photographs. The Hvarf cover is a handheld image of the microphone stands just before the band arrived to play in the gentle rain. The Heim cover is a 7-minute exposure of the stage at Gamla Borg where Sigur Rós performed an acoustic set for friends and family in April 2007.[1]

The album was released on November 5 in Europe and on November 6 in North America. Prior to this release a limited 7" vinyl single of "Hljómalind" was released on 29 October. The album debut at #23 in UK, #7 on the US independent chart and #83 in Spain selling over 50,000 copies in first week worldwide. The album, as of June 2008, was certified Silver in the UK for 60,000+ being sold.[2]

Hvarf ["disappeared" or "haven"][edit]Edit

  1. "Salka" – 6:06 [The name of Georg's stepdaughter], previously unreleased
  2. "Hljómalind" – 4:53 (Formerly known as "Rokklagið" ["The Rock Song"]), previously unreleased
  3. "Í Gær" – 6:22 (Formerly known as "Lagið Í Gær") ["Yesterday"], previously unreleased
  4. "Von" ('Hvarf' version) – 9:12 ["Hope"], original version on Von
  5. "Hafsól" (2005 version) – 9:46 ["Sea Sun"], same version as on "Hoppípolla", original version on Von

Heim ["home"][edit]Edit

  1. "Samskeyti" ('Heim' version) – 5:20 ["Attachment"], original version on ( )
  2. "Starálfur" ('Heim' version) – 5:25 ["Staring Elf"], original version on Ágætis byrjun
  3. "Vaka" ('Heim' version) – 5:17 [The name of Orri's daughter], original version on ( )
  4. "Ágætis byrjun" ('Heim' version) – 6:35 ["A good beginning"], original version on Ágætis byrjun
  5. "Heysátan" ('Heim' version) – 4:40 ["The Haystack"], original version on Takk...
  6. "Von" ('Heim' version) – 8:14 ["Hope"], original version on Von


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