Artist: Head of Femur

Date Released: May 24, 2005

Label: SpinART

Produced By:


  1. Elliott Gould is in California Split
  2. Ringodom or Proctor
  3. Manhattan
  4. Percy
  5. Skirts are Takin' Over
  6. The Sausage Canoe
  7. Oh You're Blue
  8. Song for Richard Manuel
  9. Born in the Seventies
  10. Easy Street
  11. Sometimes Friends
  12. Do the Cavern
  13. Jack and the Water Buffalo


Ever wondered what The Arcade Fire would've sounded like had they written an album entitled "Wedding" instead of Funeral? Well friends, your wait is over: Thanks to Chicago-by-way-of-Omaha chamber-pop eccentrics Head of Femur, all your giddily twisted fantasies have come true with "Hysterical Stars," their second album following 2003's Ringodom or Proctor. Featuring members of Bright Eyes, Commander Venus (Hence the eerie similarities to Conor Oberst in songs like The Sausage Canoe;"\ as a sidenote, can you imagine Oberst ever singing a song with that title?), Mayday, The Flying Luttenbachers, Hella, The Sea and Cake, and a million other bands we could waste a lot of time namedropping, Head of Femur's wickedly optimistic sound is largely due to their ever-expanding lineup, now an octet in live form and including over 28 different people (not at the same time, though that would be something to behold) on here. Horns rub shoulders with flutes and pianos in addition to the requisite guitars as soaring choruses and melodies (Song for Richard Manuel) show this thing isn't just an elaborate joke. - Patrick Masterson

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