File:Imgonnagetcha9 200.jpg
File:"I'm Gonna Getcha Good" - Shania Twain

I'm Gonna Getcha Good! was shot in London, UK, and is set in a futuristic setting, with Twain riding a motorcycle trying to escape a flying robot, at the end of the video Twain finds a clone of herself performing behind glass, which she breaks. The video won the Best Video of the Year Award at the 2003 Canadian Country Music Awards, and Concept Video of the Year at the 2003 CMT Flameworthy Awards. The 'Red SFX Edit' version of the video is available on the DVD-Audio version of Up!. After the video shoot, Shania donated the "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" costume to the Shania Twain Centre in her hometown of Timmins, Ontario.

There are six versions of the "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" video. The first to be released was the original version for both the 'Red' and 'Green' radio mixes. These were later replaced by an 'SFX Edit' version for both Red and Green versions which featured more sound effects from the motorcycle and robot. The 'Blue' mix was released solely in India, and an alternative 'Red' version was released featuring only Twain and her band performing behind the glass wall to the longer album version, unlike the original video which is shortened to suit the radio edit.

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