Artist: Dino Felipe

Date Released:

Label: Schematic

Produced By:


  1. 3.97 Coast
  2. You've Wrecked Me
  3. uVVu & Climb
  4. A Peach Bump with Friends
  5. Nemethesis (part 2)
  6. The Skinny Effect
  7. Duostrux
  8. Steamy Halls
  9. Neck
  10. Punk on 32nd
  11. Body Shop
  12. Wood Parc
  13. Chairsex (copper)
  14. Portable Shape
  15. The Orange Field
  16. Grab 98
  17. 8x1942
  18. Galk & Toth
  19. Alternator, Coolant, Antifreeze
  20. All the Aluminum I Could Have
  21. Georgia
  22. Mindspring@Sealevel
  23. Ride/Speech
  24. Molinas' Girl
  25. Rattle-Car Outro
  26. Eh-Eh, Eh


Nothing can describe this album better than the cover art. If you open the booklet there are 12 separate images. Each one of these images is a collage of different graphics, items and colors. For the front cover, a strip of each collage is placed next to each other to form a completely new image. That image is the physical representation of this album, a glitch heavy, noise collage that doesn’t rest for a single second. Completely strung out on cheap coffee, Dino Felipe of Atlanta, GA has created a anarchistically cluttered mess of industrial samples, Moog-noises, disco breaks and whatever the hell else sound he found laying around. And the result is exactly what you’d expect, complete schizophrenia in the form of a plastic compact disc… word. Michael Ardaiolo