I'm Yours
Single by Jason Mraz
Released 15 April 2008
Recorded 2005
Genre Pop Rock, Reggae, Acoustic Rock
Length 4:03
Label Atlantic
Producer Martin Terefe

"I'm Yours" is the first single by Jason Mraz on his third studio album, "We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things." Highly successful both commercially and critically, it topped the charts for a record breaking period of time and received numerous awards for the song.

Song Composition and Structure Edit

The song uses the common I-V-VI-IV chord progression in the key of B major, changing only for a scat breakdown after the first chorus. It starts with an acoustic guitar playing the chord progression in a syncopated rhythm with an electric lead guitar playing an accompaniement. Mraz's vocals join in after the first round of the chord progression. Background vocalists join in later second part of the first verse. At the chorus, various other instruments join in and drums come in after the Mraz's break. The drum pattern is slightly syncopated with two bass hits and an alternation between hi hat and snare with a hi hat chick before the end of every chord progression round. The snare in the studio version is quite soft, somewhere between a rim knock and a normal snare. After the first verse, there is a scat breakdown where the progression changes until the second verse begins the same way as the first verse. However instead of backing vocals, a jazz organ comes in until the second verse where a gospel choir repeatedly sings the chorus, whilst Mraz sings a different part. After the chorus comes to and end, Mraz scats again until the end of the song fades out.

Meaning Edit

Mraz stated in an interview that, "this is a song that people sing to each other, or to themselves. It can be a love song or a personal song of empowerment. Its melody is not unlike a nursery rhyme, and the message is like reading fortune cookie after fortune cookie," and that the song is very, "generous".

Chart Position Edit

"I'm Yours" managed to stay on the Hot 100 chart for 76 weeks, a record, beating LeAnn Rimes' "How Do I Live" which held the previous record. It peaked at number 1 in many countries including the US, New Zealand and Norway. It was certified 5x Platinum.

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