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Artist: The Television Personalities

Album: Fashion Conscious

Appears On (Mixes): Pray For My TV Show

Song Notes: The story of Dan Treacy and Television Personalities is a pretty interesting one; musically, I kind of tend to think of him as an English Jad Fair/Half Japanese, but that's not quite accurate—where Half Japanese tends to have a really dense, murky mix, Television Personalities stuff tends to be a bit more sparse. Different subject matter as well, but they're still both pretty good, and I could see fans of one liking the other. Anyway, though, this is from Fashion Conscious, which, IIRC, was a compilation of a bunch of single-only material. But I could be wrong, as I'm going off the top of my head. They've FINALLY got a new album after Dan Treacy disappeared for about 12 years (being the subject of The Mr. T Experience's "I Don't Know Where Dan Treacy Lives", which was in itself a reference to his "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives") -- My Dark Places is a pretty emotional album; I almost went with a cut from that, but went with this one instead. Hooray! - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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