"I've Been Loving You" is the 1968 debut single by Elton John with lyrics credited to Bernie Taupin (although John later admitted that he wrote the song by himself, giving Taupin credit as an effort to earn Taupin his first publishing royalties). The B-side is "Here's to the Next Time", an Elton John composition. "I've Been Loving You" was not originally included on any album and the single was withdrawn shortly after its release. Neither side appeared on any official album release until the 1992 "Rare Mastersbox set (which featured previously unreleased stereo mixes of both).

The single is extremely rare.[1] An even rarer 4-song EP, released only in Portugal, contained two additional songs: "Thank You For All Of Your Loving" (written by John and then bandmate Caleb Quaye) and "The Angel Tree" (the first true release of a John/Taupin composition).

In 1976, the Canadian band Wednesday covered the song under the title ""Loving You Baby"". It was a substantial hit in their native country, peaking at #6 on the Canadian singles charts.

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