"I Got the Fire" is a song from the Montrose album Paper Money in 1974. The guitar solo is the result of a fortuitous accident:

"Guitarist Ronnie Montrose also contributes a solo of singular dexterity and earth-shaking intensity thanks, ironically, to a studio screwup which resulted in the bottom-heavy reverberating noise in its intro." [1]

This was one of the last collaborations between Ronnie Montrose and singer Sammy Hagar before Hagar left the band to pursue a solo career.

The song was covered by US hard rock band Axe on their 1982 album Offering. The song was also covered by Iron Maiden. The group retitled the song "I've Got the Fire" on the b-side of their "Flight of Icarus" single in 1983. Although it had first been released as the B-side of Sanctuary as a live recording at the Marquee in 1980.

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