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Artist: Buffalo Daughter

Date Released: February 19, 2002

Label: Emperor Norton

Produced By:suGar, Kazuyuki Matsumura, Tadashi Matsuada, John McEntire


  1. Ivory
  2. I Know
  3. Earth Punk Rockers
  4. 28 Nuts
  5. Volcanic Girl
  6. Five Minutes
  7. Robot Sings (As If He Were Frank Sinatra With A Half-Boiled Egg And The Salt Shaker On A Breakfast Table)
  8. I
  9. Moog Stone
  10. Mirror Ball
  11. Long, Slow, Distance
  12. Discotheque du Paradis
  13. A Completely Identical Dream


This came out a couple years ago, but I held off on buying this album for a while; I like New Rock and Captain Vapour Athletes, but they tend to be albums with some really great tracks and a bunch of filler. I found a copy for pretty cheap, and was in a buying mood (this was the EM trip where I got the Love Psychedelico and Trans and a big ol' smear of a bunch of other stuff), so I picked it up. This record is much more mature than their other stuff, and there aren't any filler tracks on it. When I listened to it, I was pretty blown away, actually. I'm excited for their new one, which I think is coming next year. (Now if Takako Minekawa would release something again...) - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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