Artist: Menomena

Date Released: October 5, 2004 (2003 online)

Label: Film Guerrero

Produced By:


  1. Cough Coughing
  2. The Late Great Libibdo
  3. E. is Stable
  4. Twenty Cell Revolt
  5. Strongest Man in the World
  6. Oahu
  7. Trigga Hiccups
  8. Rose
  9. The Monkey's Back


Almost always, the best albums you will here are from some band you have never heard of and accidentally came across. Menomena is just that band, at least circa late 2004. I Am the Fun Blame Monster! could easily be one of the best albums of 2004, but probably fits better in the “best album by a band you have never heard of” category (though it was released in 2003, but only online). In fact, I bet if you play The Late Great Libido right now (and you are into indie rock), that your finger will blister due to the number of times you hit the 'repeat' button. Ok, enough hype… Menomena is a trio from Portland, OR that creates it’s sound by using a computer program designed by frontman Brent Knopf. Dubbed Deeler, the previously mentioned program, takes short improvised snippets and uses them as building blocks to compose a song; think Fruity Loops for the indie-rock inclined. The result is a unique sound that is heavily influenced by hip-hop and glitch, but remains innately indie rock. Most of the sound is a combination of amazing drum patterns, catchy bass lines, a lingering piano, vocals and an occasional sax or glockenspiel. The result is 9 tracks that are amazingly original and creative while still remaining accessible to almost anyone, a feat not easily accomplished. Not to mention the amazing flip book artwork that also includes the transformation from the words “I am the Fun Blame Monster” to “the First Menomena Album." Menomena is creative on all fronts, unless they just enlist a phenomenal P.R. guy. Michael Ardaiolo

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