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I Call It Pretty Music, But The Old People Call It The Blues (Single):Stevie Wonder

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"I Call It Pretty Music, but the Old People Call It the Blues"is a song by Stevie WonderClarence Paul wrote the song together with Henry Cosby or Berry Gordy[3]and Tamla Records (a sub-label of Motown) single in August 1962 as brought it out. It was the first single by Wonder, who was then twelve years old and was called ' Little Stevie '. On the A-side and a portion of the song on the b-side was the rest. "I Call It Pretty Music, but the Old People Call It the Blues" brought Wonder not much success,[1although he called the 101st place reached in the u.s. chart with it. [4Marvin Gaye provided drumming for this number. 

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