Artist: Wonderlick

Album: Wonderlick

Appears On (Mixes): Mp3s Posted At Phancy.Com

Song Notes: This week, I'm doing something a little different. Last night, I was feeling really rather depressed (not sure why, I think general ennui, really) and had mentally picked out this song and "All Is Full Of Love", to sort of accurately describe my mental state; sort of a longing to help people, preferably a small child to be happier, and well, that whole sort of sense of Love For Everything that I've sort of been feeling. When I woke up, though, I was in a better mood, but still had that sort of idea to share a couple of songs with that same meaning, so, lying in bed, I knew which two Happier Songs I wanted -- "Our Blue Sky" (I suppose this shows you about my mental state when the cut by The Handsome Family is in the CHEERIER section) and "The Most Beautiful World In The World". So, basically, if you're in an ennuiriffic mood, go with this one and the Björk, if you're cheery, go with The Handsome Family and Nilsson. Either way.

Anyway, about this song -- Wonderlick is Tim Quirk and Jay Blumenfeld from Too Much Joy, and it's a more electropop act than Too Much Joy ever was. Lots of Daft Punkery on the vocal lines, but it actually works really well. This is from their first album, which is self-titled. They've also got the rough mixes from their second album all available online at Susquehanna Hat Company, the official site for Wonderlick/Too Much Joy/The Its/Surface Noise/Etc, so check those out too. This is a nice song, despite the fact that it's about suicide. Man, I WAS in a downer mood, wasn't I? Still, though, it's really pretty and really... resonant for me. It's a great song. Though I may make jokes at their expense, Too Much Joy were a really good band, and Wonderlick is even better. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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