Artist: The Minus 5

Date Released: 2003

Label: Return To Sender

Produced By: Scott McCaughey


  1. There Is No Music
  2. Myrna Loy
  3. When God Made Time
  4. Rooting For The Plague
  5. Tunnel Of Lungs
  6. Lonely Galaxy
  7. I Don't Want To Fuck Off Anymore
  8. Queen's Head
  9. Saturn Is A Place On Earth
  10. Shut Up
  11. Submachine Girl
  12. Disaster Nurse Fang (Remix)
  13. The Reason I Quit (Dear Employer)


This is a collection of outtakes from Let The War Against Music Begin. It's a bit of a fans-only release (it claims to be a limited edition, though aside from Down With Wilco, it's probably the Minus 5 album I see the most of. So, go figure. It does have some good stuff, though -- "Myrna Loy", "Rooting For The Plague", "Tunnel Of Lungs", "I Don't Want To Fuck Off Anymore" and "Disaster Nurse Fang:The Minus 5|Disaster Nurse Fang (Remix)" (not that a non-Remixed version has been releases, as far as I know) -- but there's a lot of fillery stuff, too. It's also a LOT slower than most Minus 5 stuff. My best friend (who FAR prefers The Young Fresh Fellows) calls this record "the Languid Fellows". I think this was his first Minus 5 release he'd heard, too—which is probably why he doesn't care for Minus 5 as much. Although he's since got (via me) In Rock and Let The War Against Music Begin, so maybe he'll come around. So, yeah—it's definitely worth picking up, but not for your first Minus 5 album. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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