File:Idontwanttomiss4 200.jpg
File:"I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" - Aerosmith

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing was shot in the Minneapolis Armory in 1998. It features the band playing the song intertwined with scenes from Armageddon. It features a cameo appearance by Liv Tyler, who plays Grace Stamper in the film.The video begins with shots of the moon and several meteorites passing by and then a view of earth before zooming in to show Steven Tyler singing. The shots interchange between the band and Mission Control viewing the band singing via their monitors. As the video progresses it reveals that the band is playing in front of what appears to be the fictional Space Shuttle Freedom. Along with Aerosmith, a full hand orchestra plays in sync with the melody. As Freedom takes off from the launch pad smoke surrounds the orchestra and Aerosmith. Finally, as a tearful Grace touches one of the monitors to reach out to Steven Tyler/Harry Stamper (in the film portrayed by Bruce Willis), the screen goes out.

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