I Feel Mean is the first single of the album Just Another Outtakes Album...NOT!!! by the thrash metal/alternative metal band Anonymos. It features the song "Beheading J.B. on the Tower of Power" as the B-side.


Anonymos's creativity shines on I Feel Mean. The verses consist of a complex chord progression. The chorus speeds up and alternates between two notes with the anthemic cry of "I Feel Mean. Very Mean. Oh so mean, so fricking mean." The bridge slows down a bit with a meloncholy acoustic line playing over a distorted bass and a driving electric riff, which eventually drops out.

Lyrical ThemesEdit

As usual for the band, I Feel Mean has an odd, yet hilarious, lyrical theme. The story tells of bassist Chris Poole going on the Mean Streak against the advice of his freinds. When Chris goes on the ride, he gets hurt, and he gets mad as a result.

Track ListingEdit

  • I Feel Mean
  • Beheading J.B. on the Tower of Power (B-side)


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