Artist: Barnes & Barnes

Date Released: 1982

Label: Lumania

Produced By: Barnes & Barnes


  1. So Bold
  2. I Had Sex With Pac-Man
  3. If You Hurt No One
  4. I Had Sex With E.T.


The first victim of the "So Bold" curse! Understandably so, given the title track and all. Apparently, Steven Speilberg's lawyers didn't like this one too much, and quashed this EP, making an already rare EP (only a few hundred with hand-colored sleeves were pressed) even rarer (the unsold ones had to be turned over). The "I Had Sex With..." songs aren't the best songs in the world. There's a series of them, and they all feature the same music, just with different lyrics—but they're so disarmingly goofy and catchy, it's hard not to like them in spite of yourself. They're just a bit of silly fun—certainly nothing to get your panties in a bunch over, particularly if you're a big-shot famous director. The non-"Sex" songs are great, too -- "If You Hurt No One" is basically what Barnes & Barnes are all about—they didn't hurt anyone with this single, and, by my book, they did nothing wrong. "So Bold" is another catchy, great pop-rock song that's a call to not let folks in power push you around. It's a neat little single, and it's too bad that it's so hard to find. Ah well... at least the two non-"Sex" songs finally came out on the Kodovoner CD. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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