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I Have Dreams was an Emo band formed in 1998 as part of the Tallahasse Emotional-Hardcore scene. I Have Dreams originally practiced with the same line-up (sans Mike Peters) under the name New Ethic, but after former New Ethic guitarist Daniel died in a car accident, New Ethic reformed about 2 months later with Mike Hanson on guitar under the name I Have Dreams. I Have Dreams recorded as a band for 6-months and then broke up (after recording a Demo and one LP entitled "Three Days 'Till Christmas").

I Have Dreams is distinguished from other similar Tallahassee bands by their use of clean, melodic choruses. Their lyrics usually consist of a descriptive scene or commentary that can stand alone as a paragrah, instead of being versed. (example:

I Have Dreams' albums have gotten generally good reviews across the board, and bands today in this niche are most influenced by I Have Dreams than any other band from the Tallahassee Scene

I Have Dreams have reunited at least twice since their break-up, most recently in 2001. The band agreed to play as long as the fans promised not to mosh. They played a successful show.


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