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Artist: The Beautiful South

Album: Quench

Appears On (Mixes): Robotmonster's Mp3s For Phancy.Com

Song Notes: I was just reading a great quote from Paul Heaton, lead singer, heart and soul of The Beautiful South: "So many pop songs are written about 15-20 year olds. We've never really targeted them, or newlyweds. We write about people who've lived together most of their lives." I think that may be part of the reason why I'd encountered their music several times years ago, and never made much of it—but now, I could drown in the depths of a Heaton-penned song and never mind that I'd gone. I'm starting out with a track that's often maligned in reviews but is actually one of my favourites, dark and hideous as it may be (see the lyrics here), in spirit at least ... - Robotmonster


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