Artist: They Might Be Giants

Date Released: 1992

Label: Elektra

Produced By: They Might Be Giants


  1. I Palindrome I
  2. Cabbagetown
  3. Siftin'
  4. Larger Than Life (technically a remix of She's Actual Size)


The first Apollo 18 EP. It's not quite as good as The Guitar, but still very, very much worth having and one of the many tragedies about there being no Elektra-era B-side/rarities compilation. Joshua Fried remixed "She's Actual Size" for "Larger Than Life", but the remix is so completely drastic it's a wholly different song and I've listed it as such (even more than Joshua Fried's remix of "The World's Address" on Miscellaneous T). "Siftin'" is a cool instrumental that They Might Be Giants would sometimes use to take the stage during concerts in this era and before (though usually without the "vocals" -- which are just the title of the song said four times in a row with increasing intensity). "Cabbagetown" is an old Dial-A-Song that had been kicking around for a while in a few different versions, though the basic story was always the same. Definitely a great EP and worth picking up if you can find a copy. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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