I Pronounce You is the first single by British band Madness from their 1988 album The Madness. It is about a bride's feelings on the eve of her arranged marriage. In addition to his usual guitar, Chris Foreman plays the sitar and the track also features tabla to give the song a middle eastern feel. The song spent four weeks in British charts peaking at number 44.

Track listingEdit

  • 7"
  1. "I Pronounce You" (Thompson/Smyth/West) - 4:38
  2. "Patience" (McPherson/Smyth) - 3:34
  • 12", CD
  1. "I Pronounce You" (Thompson/Smyth/West) - 4:38
  2. "4BF (Thompson) - 2:54
  3. "Patience" (McPherson/Smyth) - 4:40
  4. "11th Hour" (McPherson/Foreman) - 4:31

A Limited Edition Box Set was also released, featuring all four tracks on a 7-inch EP, and including an Enamel Badge and two postcards.

Television AppearanceEdit

  • The one and only TV appearance of The Madness performing this track was on Friday Night Live, a cult late night comedy show hosted by Ben Elton.
  • The Madness performed a great rendition of "I Pronounce You".
  • The Madness also performed "Beat The Bride" on the show – one of the standout tracks from the album.


A video was made for this track. It was included on the 'Divine Madness' video released in the early nineties.

Chart PositionEdit

The single peaked at #44 in the UK Singles Chart (March 1988)

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