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I Should Not Be Allowed To Touch Anything: The Best Of The Mountain Goats

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Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: Yesterday, a friend of mine mentioned wanting to give The Mountain Goats another try, so I just made this compilation for him. I didn't put too much effort into trackorder, since The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy was on, and we were watchin' that, because that show is awesome. In fact, I kinda half-assed this compilation; I basically took all the Mountain Goats songs I'd rated 5 stars in iTunes (which was a lot of them), and then pared them down to stuff that I knew I wanted, and then stuff that I remembered liking, but couldn't remember what they were (the one thing with The Mountain Goats is the songtitles aren't often terribly descriptive -- or rather, they ARE, just of things other than the song). But anyway, though, really, these songs are all very good, and the albums they come from are awesome. There's a pretty good mix of the Studio Stuff and the Boom Box stuff, too, which is always good. I would have included "The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton", but I knew he'd had that one already since he has a copy of Jeff Bridges... I Don't Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!, so that'd be a waste of 2 and a half minutes or however long it is. Quality-wise, though, that song is awesome and would totally belong, though. Anyway, though, here it is, half-assed though it may be.


  1. Idylls Of The King - Tallahassee
  2. Snow Owl - Full Force Galesburg
  3. This Year - The Sunset Tree
  4. See America Right - Tallahassee
  5. Sept 16 Triple X Love! Love! - Sweden
  6. Insurance Fraud #2 - The Coroner's Gambit
  7. You Or Your Memory - The Sunset Tree
  8. Twin Human Highway Flares - Full Force Galesburg
  9. Letter From Belgium - We Shall All Be Healed
  10. Yam, The King Of Crops - Protein Source Of The Future...Now!
  11. Maize Stalk Drinking Blood - Full Force Galesburg
  12. No Children - Tallahassee
  13. Hellhound On My Trail - Nothing For Juice
  14. Color In Your Cheeks - All Hail West Texas
  15. Southwood Plantation Road - Tallahassee
  16. Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into The Water, Triumph Of - We Shall All Be Healed
  17. I Know You've Come To Take My Toys Away - Nine Black Poppies
  18. Dilaudid - The Sunset Tree
  19. I Corinthians 13: 8-10 - Nothing For Juice
  20. There Will Be No Divorce - The Coroner's Gambit
  21. Evening In Stalingrad - Full Force Galesburg
  22. Alpha Omega - Protein Source Of The Future...Now!
  23. Palmcorder Yajna - We Shall All Be Healed
  24. Going To Queens - Sweden
  25. The House That Dripped Blood - Tallahassee
  26. Raid On Entebbe - Jay And Faye 7"
  27. California Song - Sweden
  28. Going To Scotland - Nothing For Juice
  29. International Small Arms Traffic Blues - Tallahassee
  30. Dance Music - The Sunset Tree

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