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Artist: Aqueduct

Date Released: January 25, 2005

Label: Barsuk

Produced By:


  1. The Suggestion Box
  2. Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights
  3. Growing Up with GNR
  4. Heart Design
  5. Five Star Day
  6. Tension
  7. The Unspeakable
  8. Frantic
  9. Laundry Baskets
  10. Gameover: Thanks for Playing
  11. The Tulsa Trap


Aqueduct is simply David Terry, his laptop and a notebook full of catchy pop hooks a witty lyrics. Sounds familiar huh? Too bad this is way too addictive to just toss aside. Each song is shaped around slightly overdone drum beats, blippy synthesizers, usually a strong piano line, Terry’s Brock-esque vocals and the occasional Theremin. The album starts very strong, but loses a little momentum as it reaches the later tracks. While the critics are calling for comparisons to The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Frank Black Francis and, of course, The Postal Service; I hear Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! with electronics. The fact of it is, i Sold Gold is catchy bedroom pop that I already know you can’t resist, so what’s the point of fighting it? It’s definitely not the most thought-provoking or difficult music you have heard, but it’s catchy and will make you shake your ass… and I know you’d rather dance than think any day. Michael Ardaiolo

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