"I Wish U Heaven" is a song by Prince, and the third single from his 1988 album, Lovesexy.[1] It is a joyful, spiritual song with few lyrics, which runs 2:43. The 12" single is a substantially extended three-part suite which runs over ten minutes.

Part One of the mix starts with a stripped-down version of the Lovesexy album song, remixed with a dance beat. The original drum programming and rhythmic electric guitar riffs are deleted for much of the song.

Part Two is a gospel rendition with new lyrics, continuing the spiritual theme. This part of the song was often sung in concert during the Lovesexy World Tour. The beginning of this section paraphrases lyrics from "Housequake", from the previous album Sign "☮" the Times. Prince also quotes the film Scarface with the lines "Say hello to my little friend..." and then introduces the "Blue Angel", a new blue version of his custom "White Cloud" guitar featured in the film Purple Rain.Sheila E. is also given a call out, and her voice can be heard responding in this section.

Part Three is based on an outtake called "Take This Beat" and deviates quite a bit from the original theme. This segment has Prince using his "Jamie Starr" persona to humorously tout the fact that he's funky, musically talented, and has plenty of beats (songs) that are "so fine". The song ends with a looped repeat of the title. This version of the song became one of the highlights during the supporting tour in which Prince would usually order the house lights to be turned up, and instruct the crowd during a call and response segment.

The B-side, "Scarlet Pussy", is credited to Prince's feminine alter egoCamille. The song is very sexual, using metaphors of cats and dogs for sexual organs, a theme Prince previously used for the B-side "La, La, La, He, He, Hee". Prince uses his sped-up Camille vocals, as well as a slowed-down vocal, similar to "Bob George" from The Black Album. The song features a saxophone solo from Eric Leeds. The decision to include such a raunchy song with the spiritual A-side was noteworthy. The edit of "Scarlet Pussy" was included on 1993's The Hits/The B-Sides.

Cover versions[edit]Edit

  • Storm Gordon (Scottish singer-songwriter & visual artist) covered 'I Wish U Heaven' on her 'Twilight World' c/w 'I Wish U Heaven' Canadian EP release in 2004 (Wonderlust/SRI Canada), including mixes by Andre Wahl, & the Navigator (electro-swing & acoustic slow-guitar mixes). The Andre Wahl Mix is also included on the Canadian Edition of the Storm Gordon album 'Someone to Dance With', later remixed & released in Europe under licence to the Hamburg-based Hypertension Music label.
  • Darren Hayes did a cover of "I Wish U Heaven". The ex-Savage Garden vocalist recorded this song and included it on the "Platinum Edition Bonus CD" of Spin.

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