{{{Type}}} by Bee Gees
Album Idea
Released September 1968
Recorded 20, 25 June 1968
IBC Studios, London
Genre Psychedelic rock, hard rock, garage rock
Length 2:51
Label Polydor
Atco (United States/Canada)
Producer Robert Stigwood, Bee Gees

"Idea" is a song recorded by the Bee Gees, on which band leader Barry Gibb sang the lead vocals, and released on the album of the same name in September 1968.[1] The song's promotional video was aired in 1968 on the TV special Idea.[2] And on the video, Vince Melouney is playing a Gibson ES-335, and doing a guitar solo.


Barry sings full voice to a lively backing, while Maurice at a piano riff throughout the song, started in intro. Vince takes what would be his last guitar solo in the middle of the song, the mono and stereo mixes of the song was used on its album of the same name have two noticeable difference, On the beginning of the song, as the opening guitar note decays, the mono mix has whistling and other noises completely lacking in stereo, the song's alternate mono mix released for the first time in The Studio Albums 1967-1968 and ends with a section of high vocals of Robin.[3]

Barry recalls: "I remember Vince on 'Idea'. It was wanting to do something with more aggression, with more energy. That's my greatest memory of it, looking for something that was a little more angry and that just came out in the studio. Robin adds: "We always loved one-word titles, just the angle of coming up with a title like 'Idea' and then coming up with the formula to match the title, like 'Holiday' 'Idea's' one of my favorite songs that we did on the whole three albums. One of my favorite rock songs that Barry came up with. He was really powerful vocally.[4]

The most notable different on the demo version is the start, and the vocal is sung in a slightly different way. There were some lyric changes between this and the final recording.[5]



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