If U Seek Amy is a 2009 single by Britney Spears and were released on 30 march 2009. This song were produced by Max Martin.

Music videoEdit

The video features Britney dressed in wet-looking leggings and a black corset during the party scenes. When she is dressed as a housewife, Spears has a blonde wig, wears a pale pink sweater, a white skirt. At the start of the video starts with a news anchor saying the title of the song above a news banner that reads "Britney Spears song lyrics spell out obscenity in disguise". She dances with four male dancers in the first chorus. During the second chorus, she dances with four other female dancers dressed in cheerleading outfits, while many men are watching them dance. The screen fades to white and Spears begins to change into the housewife outfit. As the chorus begins again, she comes out of her bedroom. She walks down the stairs, with dancers surrounding her and a woman gives her a potholder, which she uses to pick up a pie. After this, she walks out the front door of the house and is joined by her seemingly conservative-looking husband and children, one of them dressed with the schoolgirl outfit Spears wore in the "…Baby One More Time" video.As they go down the walkway, they are surrounded by paparazzi, who have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. While the kids and husband wave, Spears smiles for the camera and blows a kiss. The video then ends with the news anchor saying, "It doesn't make any sense, does it?".

The video were directed by Jake Nava.

Track listingEdit

If U Seek Amy were written by Max Martin, Alexander Kronlund, Savan Kotecha, Shellback. Circus were written by Benjamin Levin, Claude Kelly and Lukasz Gottwald.

Besides the regular editions, there are also some various promotional Remix editions existing including remixes by Junior Vasquez, Doug Grayson, Mike Rizzo and Weird Tapes.

CD Single
No. Title Length
1. "If U See Amy"   3:37
2. "Circus (Joe Bermudez Radio Remix)"   3:42

CD Maxi
No. Title Length
1. "If U Seek Amy (Main)"   3:37
2. "If U Seek Amy (Bimbo Jones Radio Remix)"   2:57
3. "If U Seek Amy (Crookers Remix)"   4:29
4. "If U Seek Amy (U-Tern remix)"   6:10
5. "If U Seek Amy (Music video)"   3:45


Country Peak
Flag of Australia Australia 11
Flag of Austria Austria 34
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Flanders) 16
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Wallony) 8
Flag of Canada Canada 13
Flag of Denmark Denmark 23
Flag of Germany Germany 36
Flag of Ireland Ireland 11
Flag of Italy Italy 46
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 63
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 17
Flag of Portugal Portugal 28
Flag of Sweden Sweden 13
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 61
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 20
Flag of the United States United States 19

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