Artist: Blanche

Date Released: 2004 (reissued 2005)

Label: V2 / Cass

Produced By: Blanche


  1. (Preamble)
  2. Who's To Say
  3. Do You Trust Me?
  4. Superstition
  5. Bluebird
  6. So Long Cruel World
  7. Another Lost Summer
  8. Jack On Fire
  9. Garbage Picker
  10. The Hopeless Waltz
  11. Wayfaring Stranger
  12. Someday


I saw Blanche open for the Ditty Bops last time they played in Seattle, and was surprised when it turned out to be a show where every single band was great. (The other act was Purty Mouth.) This is a strong record, and it turns out that Dan John Miller's in the new Johnny Cash biopic, too! So, how about that. Anyway, check out "Garbage Picker", "Do You Trust Me?" and "Jack On FIre" especially. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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