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If You Had My Love begins with a man logging onto his computer. When prompted by a search bar, he enters the term "Jennifer Lopez" and is redirected to "Jennifer Lopez Online". Clicking on the link, he is then transported through the Internet.

The man is not alone in his voyeuristic actions as patrons of an Internet cafe and a little log logging in from WebTV also watchs Lopez. Worldwide, Lopez's feed is being streamed live to a nightclub and to other users with laptops. Then, the man then clicks on the dance option and Lopez performs a series of dances as the song moves into a remixed portion.

He requests a scene in which Lopez is taking a shower. Garage workers who had been watching this are also aroused by Lopez and pay no attention to their burning car as they glue their eyes to the screen. A new user is introduced who enjoys Lopez so much that he throws his computer underwater and watches her there.

The video received four nominations at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Female Video, Best Dance Video, Best Pop Video, and Best New Artist.

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