Artist: Libretto

Date Released: October 12, 2004

Label: Dim Mak

Produced By:


  1. Bad Signs
  2. Slumfunk
  3. Dirty Thangs
  4. Last Drop
  5. Barbershop
  6. Back Seat Heaven feat. Jumbo
  7. Show Me Love
  8. Alma Mater
  9. Minority Mistress/MIA
  10. Point of View
  11. Volume feat. Lifesavas
  12. Ill Acts feat. Daddy O'Kokaine
  13. Boomerang Theory
  14. Libretto


These days it seems like everyone’s a rapper, which means that sometimes labels that seemingly have nothing to do with hip-hop can sign a rapper and put out their album. Yea, it sounds like a bad thing, but not if it happens to be Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak records. From the same label that has brought you The Von Bondies, Pretty Girls Make Graves and even Tokyo Sex Destruction comes the debut full length from socially-conscious rapper Libretto. Deriving his sound from the eye-opening early 90s hip-hoppers like Public Enemy and De La Soul, he spits strategically placed, chilled-out rhymes over sampled soul tracks. Not to mention he actually has something worth saying, especially since he grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the Watts area of L.A. and being the son of a Black Panther. Michael Ardaiolo

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