Illidiance is a cyber metal band from Taganrog, Russia. It is a successor of the black metal band S.C.A.R.D. (2000-2004).[1]

Founded in 2004 by Dmitry "Xyrohn" Shkurin as a black metal band Illidiance released an album and an EP before switching to a more electronically influenced sound with their 2009 EP Synthetic Breed when they abandoned the black metal motives and oriented to the cyber metal genre. The following year the band continued even further in this direction while incorporating lyrical themes such as transhumanism, artificial intelligence and armageddon in their 2010 album Damage Thory.

Recently the band had stepped away from the cyber metal genre and is now describing their music as just modern alternative metal while experimenting with new lyrical themes.

Members Edit

  • Dmitry "Xyrohn" Shkurin — vocals, guitar
  • Artem "Syrex" Shkurin — vocals, guitar
  • Anton "Cyclonez" Brezhnev — drums
  • Vyacheslav "Slay" — bass

Discography Edit

  • 2004 — Insane Mytheries To Demise (EP)
  • 2005 — Withering Razors
  • 2009 — Nexaeon
  • 2009 — Synthetic Breed (EP)
  • 2010 — Damage Theory
  • 2013 — Deformity (EP)

Music videos Edit

  • 2010 — New Millenium Crushers
  • 2014 — Boiling Point

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References Edit

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