Illuminati X (FKA Street Team Balkan Beasts) is a Serbian-Canadian hip hop trio composed of rappers Luxe and Lochi Min and DJ/producer Kreem Yung. The group's members were all born in the former Yugoslavia, and emigrated to Canada in the mid-90's after the outbreak of civil war.[1] They gained international notoriety while still in their teens due to their distinct style of hip hop, which involved combining hip hop beats with serbian folk samples and nationalistic lyrics. Today, the group's music is mostly sample-free, while the lyrical themes have shifted towards a more street savvy and socially conscious direction. They rap mostly in the English language.


All members of Illuminati X were born in Yugoslavia and grew up during that countries civil war in the early 1990s. Although all three are of Serbian descent, they were all born in different Yugoslav republics (Kreem Yung is from Bosnia, Lochi Min from Croatia, Luxe from Serbia).[2] They met each other shortly after emigrating to Niagara Falls, Canada in the mid-90's.

Street Team Balkan BeastsEdit

While in high school, they performed under the name Street Team. In 2005, the group created a large buzz internationally with the release of their controversial first mixtape, Balkan Beasts. The mixtape was extremely popular with the Serbian diaspora, largely due to its use of Serbian folk samples and nationalistic themes. This group is considered a pioneer of this style of hip hop, which is now widespread on the ex-Yugoslavian rap scenes.[3] Two more mixtapes followed, using the same musical formula - State Alert: The Off-Season (2006) and Guns N' Roses (2007).

Illuminati XEdit

In June 2009, State Alert: The ON-Season was released under the group's new name, Illuminati X. Along with the name change came a substantial change in the group's sound, shifting towards sample-free production and thought-provoking lyrics.[4] Following the mixtape release, the trio toured Canada, opening up for AZ, Jadakiss, Sean Kingston, Saukrates, Belly, Chopper, Karl Wolf, Danny Fernandes etc.[5]



  • 2005: Balkan Beasts
  • 2006: State Alert: The Off Season
  • 2007: Guns N' Roses
  • 2009: State Alert: The ON Season
  • 2010: Jacking 4 Beats


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