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In dulci jubilo is a 14th-century Christmas song. The text is attributed to the German Mystic Heinrich Seuse and the year of Genesis is probably 1328.

Characteristic to the song is the unusual alternation of medieval Germanand Latin . From the circles of the Devotio Moderna Dutch-Latin variants are also known, including polyphonic compositions from manuscriptsof the fifteenth century.

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In dulci jubilo(download/info)

Text and translation[Edit]Edit


In dulci jubilo Nun singet und seid froh! Unsers Meat Herzen's Wonne Lying in praesipio, Und leuchtet if die Sonne Matris in gremio, Alpha es et O!


In sweet joy Now sing and be happy! The joy of our hearts is in the manger, and shines like the Sun in mother's womb, You are alpha and omega! (the beginning and the end: all)


O Jesu parvule Nach dir ist mir so weh! Tröst mir mein Gemüte O puer optime Durch deine Güte all O princepps gloriae. Trahe me post too!


O tere Jesus I desire so to you! Consolation my mind O best of young men Through all your goodness O Prince of the glory. Take me with you!


O Patris caritas! O Nati lenitas! Wir wären all lost Per nostra crimina So hat there uns erworben Coelorum gaudia Eia, wären wir da!


O love of the father! O gentleness of the son! We should all be lost Because of our sins But he has earned for us The joy of heaven We were there!


Ubi sunt gaudia Nirgend mehr denn da! Da die Engel singen Novi cantica, Und die Schellen klingen In regis curia. Eia, wären wir da!


There is nowhere more joy than there! Where the angels new songs to sing, and sound the call in the Court of the King. We were there!


To the composers and musicians who have edited this song include

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