Indaba remixes from Wonderland
Remix album by Marcy Playground
Released September 28, 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre Post-grunge
Label Capitol/EMI
Producer John Wozniak
Marcy Playground chronology
Leaving a fit of rage
Indaba remixes from Wonderland
Lunch, Recess & Detention

Indaba remixes from Wonderland is the fifth release of the alternative rock band Marcy Playground. It was released on September 28, 2010. Fans and musicians from all around the world had submitted some 337 individual remixes to Indaba Music in support of the album. "Marcy Playground" were extremely impressed by the various musical directions and vast musical genres fans and fellow musicians went with the music.[1]

Track listingEdit

All songs written and composed by John Wozniak. 
No. Title Length
1. "Blackbird (Max Kourilov Remix)" (Remixed by Max Kourilov from AUSTRALIA)  
2. "Memphis (Thomas Leclercq)" (Remixed by Thomas Leclercq from FRANCE)  
3. "I Must Have Been Dreaming (Soundminister Remix)" (Remixed by Henning Michael Velten from SWEDEN)  
4. "Star Baby (Star Capella Baby Remix)" (Remixed by Johan Klein Nibbelink from NETHERLANDS)  
5. "Gin and Money (Ben Crea Remix)" (Remixed by Ben Crea from AUSTRALIA)  
6. "I Burned The Bed (Metal Monger Mix)" (Remixed by Joel Simon from UNITED STATES)  
7. "Blackbird (Assaf Spector Remix)" (Remixed by Assaf Spector from UNITED STATES)  
8. "Devil Woman (Orby Spectre Remix)" (Remixed by Orby Spectre from UNITED KINGDOM)  
9. "Emperor (Chinese Emperor Remix)" (Remixed by Mariko L.K. Langan from UNITED KINGDOM)  
10. "Good Times (Jus Bus Remix)" (Remixed by Justin "Jus Bus" from ANTIGUA)  
11. "Irene (Spoon Mix)" (Remixed by Joaquin Mino from ARGENTINA)  
12. "Thank You (James Merrifield Remix)" (Remixed by James Merrifield from UNITED KINGDOM)  
13. "Down The Drain (Morescode Remix)" (Remixed by Neil Morrissey from CANADA)  


Marcy Playground

Additional personnel A special thanks to all the fans support and participation on making this record possible.


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