Brandon Murray AKA Infamy is an underground lyricist and occasional singer from South Carolina. He is a prominent member of the 21 Gunz familia, considered as one of the frontmen, and 1/3 of the trio The Poe.


Infamy got his name out from spitting at a lunch table in his high school. He was originally noted for his freestyle prowess, and gained a following in High school. During these early years, he would become acquainted with GAZA, Uriah Crook, Kapital K and many others in his crew. Infamy rose to local popularity with Story of Bryant, a song written to/about Uriah Crook. Infamy was on hiatus from late 2007-summer of 2009. Infamy's rhyme scheme is on the verge of story-telling smooth emcee, despite this delivery and never releasing an official project, he is praised amongst his peers, some of the 21 Gunz members even admitting him to be something of an urban legend.


Although still on hiatus, Infamy was releasing the tracks he'd already recorded. He also announced many projects, unknown if they'll ever come to pass. The song Snapped camed out and it was praised as one of his best singles.


Infamy started the Summer being featured singing the hook for If She Knew by Problem also featuring GAZA. He also released a song called Days of Our Lives another song featuring GAZA. He was planned to be featured on various Oneric Digital tracks and even was a part of the new Justus League super-group for a little while until his departure from Oneric Digital due to being on constant bad terms with the founder. Before his departure, he was on Set Me Free and even worked on some songs for 2010.


Infamy fully returned to the music scene in 2010. He announced Moon Man Murlo and multiple plans for the year. It was confirmed he penned multiple songs, though it is unknown when he will be releasing. He was featured on Uriah Crook's debut single Get Diamonds, his verse sparking acclaim throughout his community.


Infamy returned briefly to release Can't Nobody, and a remix which featured GAZA, however he did not release much material throughout the year. He announced that he penned a song called All That Glitters but never was released. Recently it was announced that Infamy would resume working on music, and even announced a cover of the song Otis with a twist to it.


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