Infidels is the 22nd studio album by singer-songwriter Bob Dylan that was issued on 27 October 1983.

The album fared well commercially with a 20th place in the United States and a 9th place in the United Kingdom. Dylan did with the album distance of a series of Christian, Evangelical and religious albums.


All songs written by Bob Dylan

Side one
Nr. Title Duration
1. Jokerman   6: 12
2. Sweetheart Like You   4: 31
3. Neighborhood Bully   4: 33
4. License to Kill   3: 31
Side two
Nr. Title Duration
5. Man of Peace   6: 27
6. Union Sundown   5: 21
7. I and I   5: 10
8. Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight   5: 54
41: 39


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