Influx Swagga is the stage name of Kenyan rapper Augustine Kavindu,[1] born into a musical family background, he discovered his musical talent at the age of 12 when he started performing in talent shows and winning any rap contests he entered. He is also a writer and wrote books like Enslaved In freedom, Blood Murder and Face To Face. He did not grow up in an urban setting like many other rappers but was bought up in Mwingi, a rural town in Kitui County. [2]

He had the chance to record with Calif Records, the home of Genge, before starting his publishing label Jamox Premiere but was later signed for recording and performing by Sonic Sounds Entertainment in Kenya. Influx has released five albums, with his first, Ndani Yangu in 2008.[3] It featured songs like Ongea Dada and Promise from Calif Records and won him many fans across the world and later led to his nomination for the most promising African artiste in a Germany awards. Other songs from this album included Najua, Sherekea, Kama Ulinipenda and No Longer, Wazim, Tulia and Last Night.

in 2011 he released twin albums Swagga Flani and Last Episode which made him rise to the top of Music charts of African FM radio stations in Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda. He became the first artist in Africa to release a successful double album. His fourth album is Wazito (2013) which is a Swahili word meaning "Heavy People went international". It has songs in which he featured artists from Canada, South Sudan, and Tanzania, who approached him for collaborations. Short Message is the name of his fifth album which makes him as at now the most recorded Kenyan urban artist.


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