Inner City is a musical collaboration of Kevin Saunderson and Paris GreyBig Fun (1988) the number meant the worldwide breakthrough of the Detroit-techno. The trackGood life from the same year also scored high in the charts.


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Kevin Saunderson in the early eighties (1964) is part of the first generation techoproducers from Detroit. Together with school friends Derrick May and Juan Atkins he Forms The Belville three, which with Kraftwerkand Depeche Mode as examples the first techno music.

Some techno records are also successful in the housescene of Chicago. Kevin wants to create a track In 1987 can be rotated between the house music. He produces a track but he decided that the vocals are necessary to finish it. Via Via he comes in contact with Paris Grey (1965), a store clerk who in her spare time sang in clubs. Together they create the song Big Fun.

Success Years[Edit]Edit

Big fun is a great success. The number is in the charts around the world in no time. Netherlands also reached the top 10 in the number. Even bigger is the single Good life, who then appears. Both singles are on the album Paradise in stores in 1989. On the album the duo strikes a direction between dance and soul pop in. Later diving also influences from gospel on. This is continues on the albums Fire (1990) and Praise (1992).Whatcha gonna do with my lovin' also singles, Hallelujah and Pennies from heaven are big hits. In these years together Inner city sells about six million records.

In the meantime, Kevin also solo is active. He makes records like Reese and E-Dancer. And with The Reese project he puts even a second formation on in which his wife Ann Saunderson sings. He founded the technolabel KMS on also.

Quiet period[Edit]Edit

In the second half of the 1990s Inner city comes on the back burner. Paris wants to focus on her family full time. Though the band never officially stopped. Kevin Saunderson focuses more on are not undeserving career as a DJ. Yet it pops up every now and then though a single with Inner city. In 1999 he makes with Paris a new variant of Good life. The Buena vida version is a Spanish-language adaptation of the hit. Later singles such as Good love (2001) and Say something (2004) are created in collaboration with Ann Saunderson.


Kevin gets around 2008 point Inner City new life. He's looking for Paris back on and do some reunieoptredens to see if it still is waiting for. The response has been enthusiastic. The children of Paris are now mature and therefore she decides again with Inner city to get started. A new live act is built up and also Ann Saunderson is added to the occupation. In 2011, there are some new songs recorded. It appears Future as single on the Defected label.


  • Inner City has a significant influence on the formation of dance music. In particular the European dance sound of acts as Snap!2 Unlimited and Culture beat sound of cattle has influences of the Inner City.
  • The hit Inner City life by Goldie from 1994 is a tribute to the group.
  • Inner City was the inspiration for the name of the Innercity dance event that between 1999 and 2007 was held in the RAI annually.
  • The German DJ Thomas Schumacher in 2002 made a Good life with the Japanese jazz dance version of singe Kaori.



  • 1989 Paradise
  • 1990 Fire
  • 1992 Praise

Compilations/Remix albums[Edit]Edit

  • 1989 Paradise remixes
  • 1990 Testament 93
  • 2001 Best off: The good life
  • 2003 Good life: The best off
  • 2012 Big fun: Big hits! The collection


  • 1988 Big fun
  • 1988 Good life
  • 1989 Ain't nobody better
  • 1989 Do love what you feel
  • 1990 Whatcha gonna do with my lovin?
  • 1990 Hallelujah
  • 1990 That man (he's all mine)
  • 1991 Let it reign
  • 1991 Till we meet again
  • 1992 Pennies from heaven
  • 1992 Follow your heart
  • 1992 Praise
  • 1993 Back together again
  • 1994 Do yah
  • 1996 Hiatus
  • 1996 Your love
  • 1996 Ahnonghay
  • 1999 Good life (Buena vida)
  • 2001 Good love
  • 2004 Say something
  • 2011 Future

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