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Artist: Oingo Boingo

Album: Nothing To Fear

Appears On (Mixes): Dub Club: Creepy Crawly Creepy Crawly Creepy Creepy Crawly Crawly Creepy Creepy Crawly Crawly - Matt

Song Notes: There were a few I thought about instead from Oingo Boingo -- Reptiles And Samurai and Spider come to mind—in fact, I'm not sure why I didn't go with Reptiles And Samurai, but oh well. Probably time issues, really, as this one's only 3 minutes, and I think the other two are in the 5 minute range. Speaking of reptiles, what's that song that kind of cops a bit of the riff from Eno's Sombre Reptiles? I'm thinking there's a little bit that's Residential in it, but I know there's somethin'. Hm. Now that's gonna drive me nuts. Oh well. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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