Artist: Ladytron

Album: Witching Hour

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: So, in case you were wondering, Ladytron put on one damn hell ass king of a show. For reals. My god it was OUTSTANDING. So, here's another cut from them! The openers were CSS, from Brazil, who were amusing and a pretty good opening band, but I wouldn't buy the record at all. Their stage presence was sort of a combination of Too Much Joy, dance-punk and the film Palindromes. I liked Ben's idea of the band's genesis—the lead singer's parents are loaded and bought her and her pedophile boyfriend a band. They were a great trainwreck to watch, so, hey.

Ladytron, however, were ASTOUNDING. They had a backdrop behind them with a lot of high-powered strobes in front of that. The backdrop would show low-rez images of highways and cityscapes, and occasionally would go to a low-rez camera trained on the stage. The cool thing about it was the way that it took a little while to figure out it was a live camera. Particularly when it was overlaid with other footage. Great visuals. The band (expanded by two members for the live show) seemed to be enjoying themselves as well, and at least half the songs were extended with really great outros and whatnot, and the vocals were a lot more.. passionate than on record, which is kind of odd to hear with such a deadpan band like Ladytron, but also really cool. Lots of stuff from the new record, which is great, since it's one of the best records of last year, if not THE best. If you're playing along at home:

Anyway, though, here's yet another outstanding song from Witching Hour. Why don't you have this record yet? GET IT. NOW. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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