Artist: Mark Rae

Date Released: September 7, 2004

Label: Grand Central

Produced By:


  1. Into the Depths
  2. Mind, Body and Soul
  3. Without You Now
  4. Medicine
  5. Rise Up
  6. Reach Out to Me
  7. Put It Back Together
  8. Clip My Wings
  9. Depth Charge
  10. Gato
  11. San Francisco


Mark Rae, ex-half of Rae & Christian, has dropped his second solo album titled Into the Depths. Rae, a DJ, producer, remixer, record company owner and artist, releases an album that is so completely polished, it comes off sounding over-produced. Utilizing a combination of funk-jazz, hip-hop, reggae and dancehall, the music is club and radio-friendly. The album is made up of sampled beats and breaks, along with a looser vibe thanks to the live drums, keyboards, guitar and bass. Rae contributes most of the vocals on the CD, along with the addition of sultry-singer Veba and reggae-ish Pete Simpson. This album could be very good, but, again, it is too polished, so much so, that it sounds cheesy. It definitely has a UK club feel to it, but more the pop-radio kind rather than the dirty-grit of the underground scene. Like the old saying goes, less is more; and rawness can add more energy to an album than all the plug-ins in the world. Michael Ardaiolo

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