Creator of the Mix: Jay

Initial Notes About The Mix: Colelction of Irish music, ranging from Rock to Classical. I will add more tracks later, for a total of probably about 20ish.


  1. 79Cortinaz - Electric Hym Part 1
  2. 79Cortinaz - Electric Hym Part 2
  3. 79Cortinaz - Nowhere To Go
  4. The Celts - Irish Rover
  5. Celtic Legend - A Celtic Journey
  6. Celtic Legend - The Cliffs Of Moher
  7. Celtic Legend - River Shannon
  8. Celtic Legend - The Old Dubliner
  9. 79Cortinaz - Feather Eggshells
  10. 79Cortinaz - Deirdre's Song
  11. 79Cortinaz - Half-Man Half-Gander

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