Headquarters: Founded in Jamaica, now in London, UK

Founded: 1959

Founded by: Chris Blackwell

Link: Official US Site. Official UK Site


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Key ReleasesEdit

Too many to list.


Island Records was started as a reggae label, but in the 1960s and 1970s got more into rock and pop music, and by the 1980s, it had formed into one of the major labels with a lot of prestige and top-selling acts. They were sold to Polygram in 1989, and then merged with Def Jam in 1998. The US and UK portions of Island seem to operate at least somewhat independently, as there are many artists signed to Island in the UK, but not in the US -- Ladytron and Sparks come to mind (in the US, Ladytron is on Rykodisc; the Sparks records recorded on Island are unavailable in the US.).

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