It's Alive
Studio album by Buckethead
Released May 15, 2011
Genre Progressive metal, experimental metal
Length 31:11
Label Bucketheadland
Producer Dan Monti and Albert
Buckethead chronology
3 Foot Clearance
It's Alive
Empty Space

It's Alive is the thirty-first studio album by guitarist Buckethead, and the first installment in the Buckethead Pikes Series.[1] It is named so after the kiosk inside Bucketheadland that sells albums not yet available at the regular store.[2]

The album was announced and released on May 15, 2011, through the board of Buckethead's site, making this the first album since Kaleidoscalp (2005) to be advertised on the site. Along with the announcement, samples from most of the tracks from the album were made available, excluding samples from the tracks "Peeling Out" and "Barnyard Banties".

The album features two tracks originally released for free on Buckethead's website. The track "Crack the Sky", dedicated to basketball player Blake Griffin, was originally released on February 17, 2011. "Lebrontron", the fourth Buckethead track dedicated to LeBron James, was originally posted on March 10, 2011.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Lebrontron"   6:24
2. "Tonka"   3:18
3. "Peeling Out"   0:15
4. "Barnyard Banties"   2:29
5. "Crack the Sky"   5:08
6. "The Hatch"   4:01
7. "Brooding Peeps"   4:54
8. "Picking the Feathers"   4:40
Total length:



  • This is the first Buckethead studio album cover since Pepper's Ghost to include a picture of him.


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