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It's Alright (I See Rainbows) is the sixth solo album by Yoko Ono, and her second release after the death of husband John Lennon. As a variation of a theme concerning its predecessor, the back cover features a transparent image of Lennon in a then-contemporary photo of Yoko and Sean, depicted in Central Park. This album marks her first foray into new wave sounds and 1980s pop production. It charted at #98 in the US.

All songs are written, composed, arranged, produced, and sung by Ono. In 1997, the album was remastered by Ono and Rob Stevens for release on CD by Rykodisc.[3]

Track listing[edit]Edit

All songs written and composed by Yoko Ono. 

No. Title Length
1. "My Man"   3:45
2. "Never Say Goodbye"   4:17
3. "Spec of Dust"   3:32
4. "Loneliness"   3:34
5. "Tomorrow May Never Come"   2:38
6. "It's Alright"   4:34
7. "Wake Up"   3:40
8. "Let the Tears Dry"   3:26
9. "Dream Love"   4:43
10. "I See Rainbows"   2:34
1997 Reissue Bonus Tracks
No. Title Length
11. "Beautiful Boys" (Demo) 2:00
12. "You're the One(Alternate take) 4:50


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