Artists: Exampl & AJG

Directed by: AJG & Exampl

Film Date: 07/23/07

Release Date: 07/24/07

The VideoEdit

The 3rd video all toghther for AJG & Exampl (2nd that was released) was released on myspace July 24t, 2007. The main video was the political track "It's Hard To Pray" from Exampl's More Fire Than Hell mixtape. The bonus video at the end was AJG's "Heart of I.E." song coutesy of Show Me My Opponent. The video is said to be released on soundclick sometime this month.

Chart PositionsEdit

This videow as not used in promotion for plays as "Back Up N It Pt. 2" was due to its poor chart positions compared to "Make It Hurry". It is used in promotion for the two mixtapes "More Fire Than Hell" & "Show Me My Opponent".

Popular Charts: #8

All Time: TBA

Previous VideoEdit

Tha West-Sound

Next VideoEdit


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