Artist: Snakefinger

Album: Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger

Appears On (Mixes): Oh, Yes, He Really Has To Suffer: The Best Of Snakefinger

Song Notes: This is an unreleased outtake from Snakefinger's History Of The Blues, the only Snakefinger album I don't have, and that's never been put out on CD. Which is really too bad, as I'd love to hear it. It's basically old blues songs as performed in Europe by the Vestal Virgins. Snakefinger was a bit of a music historian—in fact, that's one of the things that brought him to The Residents, they were both interested in trading weird tapes back and forth of musical artifacts they'd found (and later made). So, it stands to reason that Professor Lithman would want to hold a black, round-shaped class. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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