"It Snows In Hell" is a power ballad from the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi's album The Arockalypse. The single has been released in two different cases. On cd-case, and one cardboard case by the Finnish Posti-company. For the single release Lordi produced a new version which contains softer vocals. That version is also contained on the Special Edition of The Arockalypse. The song charted at number two in Finland.

Tracklist Edit

  1. It Snows In Hell
  2. Evilove

Music video Edit

Even though Bruce Kulick did the guitar solo, he didn't star in the music video. The music video was sponsored by the Finnish Posti-company. It begins with a young woman writing a letter to Mr. Lordi, begging him to save her as men in hoods (likely witch-hunters) break into her house. The girl escapes through the window just before they seize her. She runs into the forest to a statue, likely the gravesite of Mr. Lordi, as referenced in the song. The witch-hunters catch up to her and rip the letter for help from her hand, letting it scatter into the wind. They drag her away to burn her at the stake. At this point, the clips of the band playing in a snowy forest interlace with the story of the girl as the pages of the letter flutter to Mr. Lordi. The letter catches Mr. Lordi's attention. The girl is bound to the stake and just as the head witch-hunter is about to light the fire, a shadow looms over the other hunters. All are frightened away except the head witch-hunter. He turns to find Mr. Lordi behind him, who makes the terrified man vanish as steam rises from the man's cloak in a heap on the ground. Mr. Lordi and the girl exchange glances, and as the lyrics in the song go, this hints that they have some kind of relation to one another and that he will see her again in hell. The ropes around her vanish and the girl finds herself in a cheerful meadow smiling as the video ends.


It Snows In Hell just did it to the Finnish single charts and stayed for five weeks.[1]

Country Peak-
[[Flag of Finland.svg] Finland 2


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