Jürgen Ludwig Drews (Nauen2 april 1945) is a German schlager singer.

He spent his childhood in Schleswig and was early music. At the age of 15, he was voted best banjo player of Schleswig-Holstein. He was a member of the jazz bandSchnirpels. After this, he joined the student band Monkeys play. In 1967 he was lead guitarist in the band R Chimes Of Freedom. At the request of the manager changed the band's name in Others. He also worked that year at the first in a row of seven films by Der Lümmel von der ersten Bank. There were two LP records released and for performances in the United States the band took the name to Apocalypse . After the record company went bankrupt, the band was also raised. After a brief career as an actor in the early 1970s he had Rome singing at the Les Humphries Singers. In 1973, he started a parallel solo career and had his first solo hit in 1976 with Ein Bett im Kornfeld (a cover of Let your love flow by the Bellamy Brothers). That same year, he participated as part of the Les Humphries Singers participated in the Song festival inthe Hague with the song Sing Sang Song, that on a fifteenth place.

In the eighties it became quiet in Germany around Drews. Under the name J.B. Drews he tried to build a career in the United States. His first single Don't want nobodyreached the 79th place in the Billboard Hot 100. However, he managed to break through.

Only in the early 1990s, he made a comeback on the German market. He also worked as a music producer. In 1995 he had together with Stefan Raab and Bürger Lars Dietrich a hit with a new recording of his hit Ein Bett im Kornfeld. With its Schlager hit König von Mallorca , he was again in the spotlight.

In 2007, there was a reunion with the Les Humphries Singers. In October 2009, the Ich bau dir ein Schloss new single (not to be confused with the eponymous single fromHeintje), a great success by out of nowhere on the tenth place in the German hit parade to end up. It was his first top ten hit in 32 years.

In the eighties he was with Corinna Drews married, with whom he has a son; Fabian. Since 1995 he is with Ramona married and got a daughter with her on 27 september 1995. His daughter is called Joelina and is on its 15th started singing (for the general public), she has already a hit in America, they want to be just like her father at the Aprè-ski hits come, just with a different music style than her father.

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