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Artist: J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science

Date Released:

Label: Om

Produced By:


  1. Purple Perpendicular Phonics (f/ P.E.A.C.E. from Freestyle Fellowship & Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers
  2. Purple Perpendicular Phonics Instrumental
  3. Purple Perpendicular Phonics A Capella
  4. You're The Murdera f/ Zion I & Deuce Eclipse
  5. You're The Murdera Murda Dub
  6. You're The Murdera A Capella

Review: Rating: 5 of 7

The A-side is an amazing dance floor track that is chock full of conga breaking madness and sweetened by a baritone sax and xylophone. The lyrics are crazy fast and perfectly performed. This is a forward-thinking hip-hop track that will simply moves the feet.

The B-side is a George Dubya bash that is somehow combines hip-hop, reggae and Latin. The music is solid, dubby rasta skank that is laced with a sitar and melodica, but the vocals come off a bit corny. I like the first track much better.

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