Founded: 2002

Headquarters: Chicago via Philadelphia

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Chicago via Philadelphia trio, The Jai-Alai Savant (pronounced the high-ly-sa-vant) has been working the underground scene for the last 3 years. Utilizing an upbeat reggae-infused style indie-rock, the band is starting to gain attention, especially with the release of Thunderstatement on GSL. Their style almost sounds like The Police if they had evolved within the realms of post-punk rather than just pop. They tend to owe more to the rocksteady acts like Desmond Dekker or The Ethiopians as their sound is innately pop-infused, but are not afraid to experiment within the boundaries as they bring in elements of dub and art-punk. Strangely enough, they almost sound akin to TV on the Radio, though the bands' influences come from different genres.





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